The crunch of fresh snow under your footsteps, the frostbite on your hands, and the wavering symptoms of hypothermia could mean one of two things: either you followed the signs to the mythical tundra hellscape of Minnesota, or it’s winter!

Whatever your reason for being left out in the cold, you can always count on the hard-working elves of the Steam Workshop to keep you warm. Just in time for the holidays, we’ve assembled hundreds of contributors to create a bountiful supply of cosmetics, weapons, unusual effects, maps, artwork, and more!

Though we may have missed Valve’s own Tough Break, we still got plenty to show from the creative community! Come in from the cold and take a look at the Workshop Wonderland!
This time around, we’ve teamed up with the UK-based charity SpecialEffect to raise money for their cause of helping anyone, despite any physical disabilities they may have, enjoy the technological leisures of life. From communication to video games, they’ll help with it all, so why not help them out a little too? ‘Tis the season!

Any donation is welcome, and any supporters that donate over £5.00 GBP, or roughly $7.45 USD, can earn the unique
Gift of Giving medal in genuine quality in Team Fortress 2!

For more on donation and earning your medal, click below.
Baby, it’s cold outside! And now, thanks to the modern invention of clothing, you won’t have to burn your collection of Bonk! memorabilia to keep warm! Yes, you can finally be warm and possibly attractive! It’s a brave new world out there, and you can step out in style, choosing from an assortment of nearly 200 choices from the stock of the Steam Workshop. With comfy coats, fashionable facewarmers, and seasonally-misplaced trendseekers, you’ll never be cold again! But, by all means, keep burning your collection of old Bonk! memorabilia, we hear the isotopes turn the flames green and give off toxic fumes!
What good is a fireplace if you don’t have the latest and greatest artwork to adorn your mantel, alongside your holiday stockings and New Year’s garters? We both know those aren’t gonna be there much longer - but art is eternal! Despite the proven fact that any person that produces art will eventually die while their magnum opus lives on, these community artists took the risks and showed their holiday spirit in the form of art in all sorts of mediums!

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